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Muskoka Glass & Railings creates glass guardrails that are sturdy, clean, and beautiful. Our
experts can craft custom and component systems for a variety of uses. Whether you need an
indoor or outdoor system, we take the time to understand your needs before we cut your
tempered and tempered-laminated glass with the utmost precision and care. We ensure that
each piece is perfectly cut, and we also add additional safeguards, such as flat polishing
exposed edges and dressing sharp corners to help eliminate any potential accidents. Since glass
railings are usually cleaned periodically like your home windows, you are set for a beautiful
system with minimal maintenance!

Free Quotes and Glass Installation Specialists at the Ready

Muskoka Glass & Railings not only provides sturdy and gorgeous glass guardrails for your deck,
balcony, stairs, or pool area, but we also offer free quotes from our glass installation specialists.
Once you request your quote, the specialist will take the measurements they need, then work
to have your brand-new enclosure installed in around ten days! We are committed to high
quality, so we never hire subcontractors. Instead, we employ experienced professionals who
have a proven track record in their field.

Receive a Premium System on a Budget

Muskoka Glass & Railings delivers premium, personalized systems on a budget, and we are
there for every step, from design to installation. There is no need to sacrifice quality, and we
create many systems, including frameless glass railings, stainless steel cable railings, rod
guardrails, modernized steel fences, barriers, and more. We have extensive experience and
have helped hundreds of property owners and designers craft systems that meet their needs.

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