We Take You from Imagination to Fabrication

Muskoka Glass & Railings works to bring your dreams to life, taking what is in your imagination
and moving to fabrication. We are perfectionists with over three decades of experience,
wielding our superior equipment to create premium products. If you need a custom creation,
our team is at the ready!

We Stay by Your Side from Design to Installation

Muskoka Glass & Railings assists our clients from start to finish. Our team is available from
design to installation, and we use the utmost quality control measures to ensure our high
standards and defect-free materials. We have the staff and equipment needed to handle each
step of the process, such as processing materials and cleaning, sanding, and deburring. Once
your materials are prepared and perfectly cut, our team sends it off to the assembly and
fixturing section, where our welders take over. We also combine in-house and out-house
components until your product has taken a final (though unfinished) form. Next, more quality
control measures occur before we finish the work or break it down for its components to be
finished individually. Our team is nothing if not thorough!

We Have Metal Fabrication Services You Can Trust

Muskoka Glass & Railings utilizes MIG, TIG, and STICK metal welding processes. We are proud of
our extensive experience in aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized metal, hot and cold rolled
mild steel, brass, bronze, and copper. We have been in business since 1991, and our premium
products have caught the attention of designers, engineers, architects, contractors, general
contractors, and homeowners, establishing us as a leading metal fabrication shop. Whether
doing business locally or nationally, we give each project our fullest attention.

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